Our services are inclusive and engaging. We feel that it is important to strike a balance between maintaining the dignity and beauty of the liturgy and making people feel that the worship of the Church is relevant to their lives.

The aim with all services is to take the congregation on a journey where they are brought into the presence of God to worship, to receive forgiveness for their sins, to receive the Grace and love of Christ and you, to learn, and to experience the fellowship of faith.

Types of Services

  • First Sunday – Holy Communion
  • Second Sunday of the month –Service of the word; Family Service and Church Parade
    Followed by a short said Communion Service at 11.30
  • Third Sunday – Holy Communion
  • Fourth Sunday – Service of The Word Followed by a short said Communion Service at 11.30
  • Fifth Sunday – TBC


Church Parade

The second Sunday of the month is very much geared to welcoming the uniformed organisations and Young Church members into our service. The teaching at this service is aimed at their level and young people are often involved in the service, reading lessons, performing drama and taking part in activities during the “sermon”. The Revelation Group also sometimes leads these services.

Welcoming children in services

We welcome parent with children of all ages into our services. Babies and toddlers are welcome to sit with their parents during the service and we love to hear the joyful sounds of the life and energy they bring. Many parents worry that their children may disrupt the service; we do not. We want a church that is full of the life, energy and joy that young children bring.

We provide changing facilities, a crèche and a young church for parents to use as needed.

For parents wanting to use the young church, the children sit with the adults until the end of the second hymn and then go to their Young Church sessions, either in the Wheatley Chapel, or the Vestry.