Baptisms take place within the Sunday morning service. We encourage attendance at church services as part of Baptism preparation.

The ministry of preparation for Baptism is a very important one. St. John’s has an average of ten infant Baptisms a year. We encourage parents to attend Church to get to know the congregation and become involved in the life of the Church. The preparation for Baptism includes initial discussions followed by sessions of preparation provided by the Parish priest.

We welcome all families who want to have their children Baptised. We encourage them to think carefully about their motives for having their children baptised and to consider their own understanding and commitment to God before making a decision, but we let them make their own decisions.


People are encouraged to be confirmed once they have made the decision for themselves to be confirmed and have reached a level of spiritual maturity. Candidates for confirmation are therefore more likely to be teenagers or adults.

We hold confirmation classes run by the Vicar over approximately 6 weeks in the run up to the confirmation service


Preparation for marriage has been the responsibility of the Vicar

  • Pre-marital counselling.
  • Music – In relation to their choice of music the couples are usually advised by the Director of Music.
  • Flowers – [TBC]