St. John’s Church Community Hall

In 2016 we opened St John’s Church Community Hall this hall has now replaced our hall that used to be  half way along West street.  St John’s Church Community Hall, has so much more to offer. We are able to hold a larger number of people in this building.  The facility are up to date and we are now disabled friendly. We hire this hall out, please use the form below to enquire about using the hall.The Hall below is still being let to Re-Instate Limited, and we have a hall behind that is being used for our Sunday School and the scouts.

If you have problems using the form, please email or call with details below

Telephone: 07483813070

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History About The Old Church Hall

The hall building is over 70 years old and the greater part of it (the original large hall and adjoining side rooms) have been leased to Re-Instate Limited since 1966

The rear part of the building, which originally comprised two separate rooms, was altered to provide one large room and this, together with the kitchen and toilets, has been retained for use by the Church. This facility is also available for letting to outside organisations.

Separate from the Church hall, but on land owned by the Diocese, is the building used by the 17th Erith (St John’s) Scout group.