General Questions

If you have any questions about church life, Christianity or anything we would love to try and help you find an answer, please feel free to email Luke Potgieter with your question, and your question will be answer by email as soon as possible.

A lot of people think that a Christian is someone who goes to church, reads their bible and prays – but is that really what one is?

A Christian is somebody who is a follower of Jesus, who has asked Him to be ‘their Lord and Saviour’. Some people would use the phrase ‘born again’ (taken from the book of John chapter 3), others might say ‘saved’ or others might refer to someone who has ‘made a commitment’, but they all mean the same thing.

To become a Christian there are basically 3 things that you need to do:

A – Accept that you mess up / don’t follow God in every area of your life (what the Bible would call a ‘sinner’.)

B – Believe that Jesus took the punishment you deserve when he died on the cross because of the bad things you do/ think/ say (Sin) and because of this you can have a relationship with God and go to be with Him when you die.

C – Commit your life to Him. Pray and say sorry for what you have done and that you want him to be in charge of your life and ask Him to fill you with the Holy Spirit (3rd part (person) of God -the Trinity).

The following prayer is one you could pray if you want to do this:

Dear Lord, I just want to say thank you that you love me in the same way you love everyone in the world, I am sorry Lord for all the bad things I have done before. Lord I ask that your Son Jesus can come into my life, Lord fill me with your Holy Spirit and help me to grow in faith, and serve you for the rest of my life Amen.

If you have prayed this prayer or would like someone to pray it with you contact the prayer team. They will be able to talk things through with you.

If you want to check the above things out, please get a Bible and have a look at the following bits. If you are not used to reading a Bible, it is basically lots of books stuck together and these are separated into chapters and verses. The chapter will be the big number and usually lasts for several paragraphs and the verse is the little number which will usually only be a sentence or two. Also at the front of the Bible there should be a contents page to help you find where each book is.

We use a modern Translation of the Bible At St. Johns Church Erith the Bible we use is the New International Version (NIV), this is in modern text and easy to understand, we recommend you use a NIV Bible. If you do not have one please Speak to Luke Potgieter and he will be able to assist you in finding a bible that suites your needs, as he works for the Local Christian Bookshop CLC.

Living as a Christian is not something you do on your own, it was always meant to be lived out in the community with the church family, so please come and join us on a Sunday, get involved with us.

To help you begin to grow in your faith, please Speak to Luke Potgieter and he will be able to give you a book called Why Jesus by Nicky Gumbel

You may also wish to get some Bible “notes” which help you read the bible every day. There are some out of date ones on the side in church this doesn’t matter, it will help you get started and then you can speak to Mary Chapman and get a regular order for you.

There is a great deal of evidence for Jesus’ existence; this comes not only from Christian writings, but also from non-Christian sources. For instance, the Jewish historian Josephus, who was born in AD 37, describes Jesus as a ‘wise man,’ if it is right to even call him a man. He was a ‘man’ who drew people to himself, who was crucified on a cross but then appeared to people alive again after three days ……

Few people would doubt that Jesus was fully human. He had a human body; he was hungry and sometimes tired. He had human emotions; he was angry, was sad. He had human experiences; he was tempted; he worked, and he obeyed his parents. As well as all of this, there is a great deal more evidence which supports the Christian contention that Jesus was and is the unique Son of God, the second Person of the Trinity. We all have a hunger deep within our hearts, which leading psychologists have recognised: Jung said “People are hungry for security:” Freud said “People are hungry for love:” Adler said “People are hungry for significance.” Jesus said “I am the bread of life.” (John 6 v35) In other words, ‘If you want your hunger satisfied, come to me.’

Millions of Christians all over the world are experiencing this same relationship with Jesus Christ today; we hope that you too might find this to be your own personal experience with Jesus.